Santa Maria Foodservice UK is Looking for a Spice Nerd!

Start Date: To be discussed

Salary: £28,500 plus great benefits


Simply put – A hands on sales job, challenging chefs about their knowledge of spices and herbs, the current contents of their dry store, sharing the passion and education about spices  and herbs, resulting in orders through the online web shop . Cooperation with our wholesalers manager in building up the relationships and businesses with regional wholesalers.

Job purpose

To contribute to the UK sales budget on NEW Santa Maria herbs & spices business.

As a member of the UK Spice & Herb team, your role is to inspire end users into using Santa Maria herbs & spices and deliver personal sales targets within agreed focus area/s.

3_specialty_blendsOrganize and participate in Santa Maria herbs & spice gigs for the end users, involving the spice truck. Develop business partnerships with the top UK chefs and restaurants. Reporting to the National End User Sales Manager, Foodservice.

We will be challenging your knowledge about flavouring, your cooking skills, sales skills, teamwork, leadership potential, etc. We will support your learning and growth in the same areas with internal and external programs.

mariasintown_square_foodThe current team in UK is working closely together, with different personalities complementing each other, ambitious and goal oriented, with an awesome development potential. We are a crazy bunch of passionate and fun loving foodies on a mission…

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