Olivence Olive Oil Chocolate Truffles by Jesse Dunford Wood at Parlour

Chef : Jesse Dunford Wood

Rolos Copper Pan Lauren Mclean

Olivence is the Provence Olive Oil Society which brings together, for the first time, five producers from PDO areas In Provence where olive oil is created in small craft units and in many cases still harvested by hand.


Olivence members make unique oils with distinctive tastes and personalities, and all of the finest quality to give UK chefs the chance to create their own signature dishes using deliciously different oils.


The oils in the Olivence portfolio can be broadly categorised within three ‘families’:Subtle, Intense and Ancient.


Chef Proprietor of Parlour, Jesse Dunford Wood has created a fabulous Olive Oil Chocolate Truffle recipe incorporating Olivence.


Olivence Logo SquareFor this recipe you need to source some chocolate casings, round hollow chocolates with holes in the top for filling. I have seen these for sale in posh sweet shops, and you might need a trip down to a ‘Chocolatiers’ – which are all the rage these days.






Chocolate casings, (makes about  40 too much, but then again you don’t want to little)


  •  200g    « fruité noir » Olive Oil
  • 400g    Cream
  • 200g    Sugar
  • 500g    Dark Chocolate

« fruité noir » Olive oil suggestion: La Lieutenante  – available from Turners Fine Foods