Oliver Hunter – St Katherine’s School

Oliver Hunter

I always wanted to be a chef so began an apprenticeship in London for 2 years at Simpsons in the Strand, after this I worked for John Wood at Chapter One in Kent where we won a Michelin Star.

I spent a year working for a small seafood restaurant in Dingle, Ireland. I have worked in Bristol since the year 2000, having worked at Quartier Vert, The Glassboat, Bordeaux Quay, and Café Maitrya and was Head Chef at the Olive Shed for several years.

I was also the Head Chef at Penny Brohn Cancer care centre, developing nutritional lead vegetarian and vegan cooking to help people live holistically with cancer.

I have taught in various schools across the country as well as community based teaching in the south west.

For 3 years I worked privately across Scotland, France and Southern Spain, before taking post as Training Chef and Assessor at St. Katherine’s School where I oversee the Apprenticeship programme, training the next generation of chefs.