Matthew Beardshall – Wild Garlic Restaurant


Matt made his debut into the industry by washing up at the age of 12.

There been many chefs in who have influenced his career to date: Gordon Ramsey, Marus Waring and Angela Hartlet to name a few. Martin Blunos helped him in his first head chefs job at Fitroy’s on Great Putney street in Bath and has become both a friend and a mentor.

Whilst in Sydney, He worked with Jeremy Strode who comes from the same little village near Malmesbury as he does. He was, like the food culture in Australia, truly inspired. Matt was lucky enough to work at Tetsuya’s in Sydney, where everyone sits down to a wonderful 13 course degestation menu. As Chef Patron of Wild Garlic, Matt is very happy and draws his influence is from the surrounding Gloucestershire hills.  His restaurant is a celebration of fantastic produce from some of the most passionate farmers and growers in the world.

Matt sees himself as business man, a mentor, a Dad, a friend, and a masochist with a very understanding wife. He has an unconditional love of food cooked just perfectly.  Most importantly, he values the great team around him, at home and at work.

He gets a buzz from seeing a busy restaurant full of people enjoying themselves and for him that’s what it’s all about.