Danny Davies – K College Tonbridge

Danny Davies

I am currently working as a full time Hospitality and Catering Lecturer. I have been the course leader for level 3 Patisserie, Course Tutor for VRQ level 1 and 2 and teach English, Mathematics and ICT. I developed a molecular cookery course and intend to commence tuition of this innovative course in the New Year. My vision with my students is to inspire hospitality chefs that are creative and innovate as part of this vision I created the Future Chef Project which connects Industry Chefs. I believe if the Catering industry as a whole want more from catering students then it is the industry that must help educators give that extra bit of help or give the students the best chance at becoming all they can be.

I am always working towards these goals with The Future Chef Project, Functional skills projects and promoting the use of ICT with the classroom and kitchen. I have worked all over the World with the British Armed Forces, I have run kitchens in NZ the US and Fiji as well as working alongside some of the UK best chefs.