Andrew Nunn – Plymouth School of Creative Arts

Andrew Nunn

I’ve been cooking now for over 30 years working all over the world, 15 of which in the private yachting industry working for the super rich, celebs, the famous and infamous. At 19 I started working in a fish restaurant in Covent Garden straight out of a 3 year professional cookery course at a college near Portsmouth. The restaurant was set up by a few ex Savoy Hotel chefs, so I learnt an awful lot as 2nd Commis. Following this, I landed a job as 1st Commis in Pastry at L’ecu de France, near Piccadilly Circus and then won a scholarship to go to Berne, in Geneva, Switzerland for a year to continue with pastry and chocolate.

After this I was chef at the British Embassy in Geneva and also at the New Zealand Embassy. Through this I was able to get residency in Australia, and spent a very happy and fruitful experience in Sydney working at the Ritz Carlton and the Rock Pool Restaurant as Pastry Chef. I moved to Noosa in Queensland and ran a restaurant right on the beach. Happy times and I learnt the most about cookery over there, it being such a huge melting pot of cooking cultures.

I retuned to France in 1994, and started working as chef on large private yachts, cooking for all sorts of A list celebs, all over the Mediterranean, visiting some of the most amazing markets in France, Italy, Spain, etc. I also spent a lot of time all over the Caribbean, South America and the USA doing exactly the same thing….

I spent 3 years as personal chef to Roman Abramovich, and travelled a great deal with him, consulting for his other yachts and cooking for some very powerful people. In 2004 I set up my own cookery school in South West France close to the Pyrenees, and from time to time did the odd private chef gig. I was involved briefly with a Channel 4 pilot of Cook Your Self Thin, however, they decided to go with 4 leggy girls in little black dresses to present the programme rather than me! I have been involved in the designing kitchen/galley process for a few large yachts, built in Italy, France and Holland. More recently worked on a large yacht owned by a wealthy French industrialist and his American wife, where we frequently had ex President Sarkozy on board, and some minor royalty. I was given the chance to work at various Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris to see what they were doing which was a fantastic experience.

I have now been home in Plymouth for over a year with my family, where I’m working as chef tutor at the Plymouth School of Creative Arts, at the moment teaching cookery to 4, 5 and 6 year olds. Next September we get a brand new school, and a brand new food tech kitchen which I will be running. The aim of the school is to embed all the usual subjects in practical ways, such as Art, Performance, Music, Cookery, etc.

My aim is to teach the little ones a variety of things in cooking, we currently bake bread everyday, make fresh pasta etc and end up doing more advanced cookery, the older they get. So when they reach 16, they will be very accomplished cooks and be able to fend for them selves and maybe turn out to be chefs of the future. The kids get very excited about cooking in class, they take recipes home, talk to parents, and end up helping to cook and bring together the family for meal times. I love it!