NitroChef Offer – 10% Off for the Rest of 2018!


Chefs’ Forum Offer: Contact us by the end of March 2018, and you’ll enjoy 10% off your prices for the rest of the year – Guaranteed!

Need some Liquid Nitrogen in your life chef?  No problem, meet: Nitrochef!

Chefs, there’s nothing worse than worrying about running out of a key ingredient, waiting on long lead times for kitchen items, or your equipment not being up to scratch.

Partnering with NitroChef can ease the pain.  We deliver liquid nitrogen to your door, whenever you need it and can hire you the kit to keep a decent supply on premises.

Not only do we supply the most efficient liquid nitrogen storage vessels or ‘dewars’ on the market, we can also help you arrange a regular and reliable supply of nitrogen when you need it.

Nitro Chef bottlesOur Cryotherm APOLLO vessels safely store your liquid supplies at a chilly -180°c, they have the lowest static evaporation rates (think malt whiskey and the Angel’s Share) on the market, therefore saving you money in the long run. Plus the APOLLO takes up a much smaller footprint than multiple smaller vessels.

With our finance partner, LDF, we can offer excellent payment terms on a finance lease for the Dewars and equipment. Quotations are free. Cash flow is king, particularly in a restaurant.

We can also suppStephenly protective equipment such as gloves and goggles, personal O2 monitors to make sure there’s always a safe level of oxygen in the air, liquid nitrogen safety training,  liquid nitrogen cookery masterclasses and much more.

The team at NitroChef are based in Wales, and we have a background in cryogenic engineering and equipment. So when it comes to the cold stuff, we know what we’re talking about.

Visit to learn more or get in touch, or hook up on twitter; @chef_nitro, to arrange an initial discussion about Dewars or liquid nitrogen.