The Chefs’ Forum Educational Foundation



The Chefs’ Forum Educational Foundation CIC was incorporated on the 6th October 2016 to support young people between the ages of 14-25 wishing to train and gain employment within the hospitality & catering industry, or who are accessing training and/or education through a school, college or private training provider.

The Chefs’ Forum will organise and run fund-raising events and benefit lunches and dinners that will directly benefit young people in industry.

The majority of students who wish to go into the vocational profession of hospitality and catering do so via a college or private training provider route. There are some funds available for students to access to help provide for essential equipment and resources in order to complete the qualification (e.g. uniforms / knives / transport (bus passes etc) but these funding pots are:

  • Finite, and when all the money is allocated there is none left to deal with emergencies throughout the year
  • Means-tested against parental income and other factors

As such, there are young people who do not qualify for these funds and / or find themselves in situations during their study where they struggle financially, often through no fault of their own (e.g. parents lose jobs, family break-ups, situations triggering mental health issues etc). Every college that The Chefs’ Forum has worked with can identify current (and past) students who would have benefited from having an extra safety net of resources that could have been used to support them.

Young people wishing to enter the hospitality industry should have exposure to the highest standards and experts possible to help raise aspirations. The involvement of industry specialist chefs, hoteliers and other professionals is vital to ensure that these aspirations are met, and The Chefs’ Forum Educational Foundation will seek ways to facilitate and develop these in as many ways as possible.

The aim of the Education Foundation is to therefore ensure that a financial safety-net exists for students studying (or wishing to study) courses that will lead to employment within the hospitality and catering industry, and that young people have access to the greatest possible range of industry professionals. The Education Foundation will provide a range of training, facilities and resources that can be used for this purpose.

Any chefs or businesses wishing to get involved in raising funds for The Chefs’ Forum Educational Foundation should contact  or