Wild Atlantic Prawns interactive Chef Education programme is a collaborative initiative from Royal Greenland and the Association of Seafood Producers with support from the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  More recently the founding members have been joined by the Norwegian Seafood Council, Icelandic Export Centre Ltd and Holmadrangur ehf.

It is designed to provide Chefs, Trainee Chefs and those studying Hospitality Management subjects an introduction to Wild Atlantic Prawns. The suite of lessons will cover:

  • What are Wild Atlantic Prawns, where do they come from, how are they processed;
  • How to prepare and serve Wild Atlantic Prawns including classic dishes reinvented, perfect pairings and the best use of Wild Atlantic Prawns;
  • Consumer insight into how consumers buy and choose shellfish and ways in which you can attract new customers and maximise return from Wild Atlantic Prawn based dishes;
  • Nutritional benefits, provenance and sustainability and the best way to communicate on-menu.