At Wellocks, we search the globe to find growers and producers that take pride in what they produce. We continually work with suppliers and strive to build long-standing relationships with the best growers in the world.

We provide fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, poultry and dry stores to 1,200 restaurants, 6 days a week nationwide, and aim to deliver the best possible produce into kitchens.

Our search for the perfect ingredient is growing, and we source everything direct from growers and producers, leading us to Special Branch. A collection of products which are superior and take flavours to a whole new level. Our Mexican lime is sourced in Mexico and arrives fresh by air-freight.

Wellocks Potato (4 of 8)Our turnaround is 24 hours a day, meaning the produce arrives daily and picked overnight, and then delivered into restaurants the following day.

Our aim is to constantly evolve, and develop as a business. We have created a bespoke online ordering service which is completely accessible 24 hours a day – allowing chefs to place an order when it suits them. This service is fast, efficient and the future of our business.

‘The search for the perfect ingredient has been ever evolving’ – James Wellock

Gariguette Strawberries. Wellocks images for April 2014“In a world where we’re all pushed for time it’s reassuring to know that my supplier has
time for me. The relationship with Wellocks is key to the final product on the plate, nothing is ever a problem for Wellocks and they always source what I want. Working alongside a supplier that cares as much about sourcing as we do is just as important as the product itself.”

Michael Wignall, Gidleigh Park

“When it comes to suppliers, Wellocks is really the only option. With such a variety, it’s virtually a one-stop shop. Its produce and passion speaks for itself and to have the support of people like James Wellock and Jonny Baron is like having our own in-house buyers who share the same passion for produce as we do cooking it”.
Steven Smith, Freemasons at Wiswell