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With our exclusive expertise, you can have a go at making your own chocolate or praliné from raw ingredients selected by Valrhona. Show off your talent and savoir-faire through original creations with unique flavours.

Maximize your business with packaging tailored to your needs. Always attentive to the particularities of your craft and profession, Valrhona takes customization to new heights by offering product packaging designed to suit your individual needs (e.g. praliné in 25kg, couvertures in 20kg, and cocoa powder in 11kg quantities).

These particular creations will allow the personality of your products to shine through. Wonderful chocolate moments that deliver excellence on your behalf.

Valrhona Origine_484Exceptional chocolate bonbons that set you apart from the rest.

Create your own deliciously unique chocolates at the height of refinement with a wide range of inimitable flavours, shapes and textures.

Valrhona is an expert in sourcing the world’s best cocoa beans and applies the same exacting care to selecting and inspecting nuts. In addition to the origins of the harvest, Valrhona’s priority is guaranteeing excellence of flavor, along with absolute consistency in nut quality. Each and every nut is scrupulously selected to create unique pralinés of exceptional quality.

Valrhona expertise1_GPOur Workshop
The Praliné Workshop is located in the Tain l’Hermitage chocolate factory. At this historical site, which opened in 1922, experts continue Valrhona’s ancestral traditions of praliné-making. Until recently, artisans from the Rhône-Alpes region still traveled there with bales of nuts so they could make their own praliné.

Praliné Artisans
Every day, a team of experts cultivate the savoir-faire of Valrhona praliné. Making praliné is still a highly artisanal craft and creating a Valrhona praliné requires all five senses. The men and women in the Workshop have a thorough understanding of their recipes and play a personal part in each step of the preparation in order to obtain the perfect praliné.