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Rubbermaid Commercial Products are a manufacturer of innovative, solution-based products for a variety of markets worldwide. Since 1968, RCP has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the four main sectors of Cleaning, Waste Management, Material handling and of course Food Services. For a more in depth look at our range visit our online Catalogue.

We’re delighted to have been recommended to ‘The Chefs’ Forum’ by Alan Bird of ‘Bird of Smithfield’ and have enjoyed working with him over the years. We’re certainly proud to be a favourite of Alan’s.

We believe that if you’ve not already heard of us, you soon will. We have much to offer within the Food Service industry, and our focus upon the, Quality, Innovation, Cost-In-Use and Sheer Durability we think that you’ll favour us soon too.

Of particular interest we think you’ll love our Dishwasher-Safe Digital Scales, ProSave Food Storage to reduce cross-contamination, our huge range of GN pans and not forgetting or brand-new range of Slim Jim Step On bins that quite simply look the part whilst fulfilling H&S regulations.Rubbermaid for site

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