Prowrap by Wrapex


Wrapex is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of cling film, aluminium foil, baking parchment and Speedwrap dispenser systems. We offer a full complement of Professional & Premium Prowrap products designed for the catering sector.

Speedwrap Catering Dispenser
Our compact catering dispensers are robust, dishwasher safe, simple to load and easy to use. They help promote the best practice for food hygiene and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Saving you time, money and hassle. Dispensers and refills available in 300mm and 450mm widths.

Produced in our Bristol warehousing facilities, our best-selling range of professional, and premium cling films, aluminium foils and baking parchments are made to a consistently high quality. With full BRC accreditation and traceability.

We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service, sales support, training and aftercare.

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