Olivence Logo Square

Olivence is the Provence Olive Oil Society which brings together, for the first time, five producers from PDO areas In Provence where olive oil is created in small craft units and in many cases still harvested by hand.

Olivence members make unique oils with distinctive tastes and personalities, and all of the finest quality to give UK chefs the chance to create their own signature dishes using deliciously different oils.

The oils in the Olivence portfolio can be broadly categorised within three ‘families’: Subtle, Intense and Ancient.


  • CMOIRENC_OLIVENCE_044Moulin CastelaS
    Based in the rocky range of Les Alpilles in PDO Vallée des Baux de Provence, Catherine and Jean-Benoit Hugues produce Olive Oils in the Intense and Fruité Noir categories.
  • Moulin Cornille
    Producing 50 per cent of France’s ‘fruite noir’, the 17th Century Moulin Cornille is located in the heart of the PDO Vallée des Baux de Provence.
  • CMOIRENC_OLIVENCE_006La Maison Codefa
    Based in Marseille, this company has represented many small growers across Provence since 1959, involved in their production, manufacture, packaging and tasting. They also offer private labels.
  • CMOIRENC_OLIVENCE_040La Lieutenante
    This is a family-run grove producing olive oil in the Intense category. They are currently converting their entire grove to organic status.
  • Vignolis
    Established in 1923 for olive and wine production, the Vignolis co-operative produce 50 per cent of PDO Nyons Olive oil as well as black olives.