The Stock Experts
At Major, we have been creating high quality stocks bases, jus, marinades, bouillons, gravies and fruit bases since 1989 and are proud to deliver easy to use, authentic tasting products that save time in the kitchen without compromising on quality.

Great Taste & Versatility
Providing products with authentic natural flavours is at the heart of what we do and with everything from our aromatic Pan-Asian Base and mouth-watering Mari Bases to luxurious, silky smooth Veal Jus, our portfolio has something for everyone and all our products can be used in a number of ways. The entire portfolio is also gluten free and all of our vegan and vegetarian products hold Vegetarian Society accreditation!

Five star customer service
With a dedicated team working tirelessly behind the scenes, we’re confident in our ability to give you the complete package. As part of our outstanding customer service, our talented team will work with you to develop recipes and provide product demonstrations and marketing programs that meet your everyday business needs and will be there to offer help and support whenever you need it.

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