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Gastronomixs is an online idea generator that enables chefs to stay ahead of the game!

We provide recipes in building blocks, called components, which you as a chef can use to quickly create new dishes or change existing recipes.

More than 20,000 chefs are currently working with this online tool, which contains thousands of recipes from all types of cuisines. Chefs can quickly create new dishes or make changes to existing ones as the recipes are provided in the form of building blocks.

How Gastronomixs works
If you want to know what you can do with a specific ingredient, we can help you find out! Gastronomixs contains various types of preparation methods for more than 140 ingredients. But we also offer plenty of components which are subdivided into the categories: Basic recipes and Techniques. You can add components to your favourites or combine them into your own composition, which you can then easily share with other colleagues or employees.

For just €6 per month or €60 per year, you have full access to the platform. But you can always first try a free two-week account to see how Gastronomixs can inspire you.

‘Just as you use the best quality knives and other equipmentGastronomixs is an advanced tool for your brain.’

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