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The Fogarty Charcoal Oven is Tough Durable and Reliable as well as Sleek Versatile Flexible and Resilient.

Designed in London and expertly hand made in Staffordshire with all materials sourced in the U.K.

Has a cast iron door and frame with thick chamber walls along with a high grade stainless steel ceiling and outer casing with polished stainless steel hinge bar and handle with a heat resistant glass look through which means originality as there’s no other like it on the market.

The simple air vent control system also means ease of use as well as the smooth push pull door opening system to allow for a quick access during a busy service, the spark arrester on the top of the oven releases smoke at a steady pace meaning you can use under most extraction canopies, along with the unique look comes the dynamic chamber that has a large cooking capacity with up to 12 different grill rack positions for multiple food types and various cooking timings.Fogarty 1

There is a temperature gauge up to 500°C fitted to the frame above the door meaning you will always get a true reading of the oven temperature even when the door is open unlike some grills/ovens that have the gauge attached to the door.

Dimensions of  600 mm width 850 mm height and 650 mm depth means it can fit in any space and there is an option of a stainless steel  trolley on lockable castors for easy manoeuvre around the kitchen if needed,the oven is easy to maintain and clean and comes in a range of colours and you also have a choice of a smooth modern glossy finish or rough rustic finish to suit or match your kitchen style or front of house decor or colour scheme. The Fogarty Charcoal Oven is ultimately aimed at the professional kitchen but can also be used outdoors.

We strongly recommend you book a free demo to see what the Fogarty Charcoal Oven can really do as there’s no limits to what it can do with all types of food.

You need this in your kitchen and when you see it in all its glory You will want this in your kitchen.

F – fast and flexible:

Faster cooking and flexible with its temperature range.

  • How the Fogarty Charcoal Oven works so well : Heat can be transferred by three methods.

Fogarty 3O – original and outstanding: 

Original and sleek design with proven Outstanding Performance.

  • Conduction – direct contact : Direct heat whilst cooking in or just above the coals Excellent for imbuing steaks and game at high temps great for creating the maillard reaction.

G – great and global:

Producing Great food around the Globe.

  • Convection – air flow : Air is drawn in from the bottom vent then circulates inside the chamber creating hot air that is evenly distributed throughout superb when cooking larger foods like whole chickens and joints of meat.

A – authentic and aromatic:

Authentic charcoal flavour with an Aromatic taste.

  • Radiation – thermal energy : Once the thick metal walls inside the chamber become fully heated they begin to let off a radiation of in-direct heat whilst still holding it for long periods : this allows the oven chamber to stay hotter for longer, great for slow cooking once coals have burnt out too.

Fogarty 2R – reliable and resilient:

Reliable with its even cooking heat and Resilient at holding it for long periods.

  • The Fogarty Charcoal Oven : uses all three of those heat exchangers to full effect resulting in a high performance closed chamber solid fuelled oven.

T – time and taste:

Quicker turnaround time on short order cooking maintaining it’s beautiful barbecue taste.

Y – you and you:

You are in control you need this in your kitchen.