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Over recent years, Flint and Flame have become a major player in the UK kitchenware scene with our outstanding range of knives.

Our luxurious knife range combines exceptional quality, performance and value.

Made from the highest quality German carbon steel, and celebrated by top chefs our knives make a fantastic addition to any professional kitchen.

With a beautifully contoured, ergonomically designed handle incorporating CPB ‘Centre Point Balance’ technology, and a unique ZPP ‘Zero Pressure Point’ design, eliminating the risk of callouses forming after prolonged use, our knives are a real must have for the professional chef.

Flint and Flame now also have our own laser etching machine and have been creating personalised knives for a number of high profile clients. This is a service we extend to all our customers be it a personal gift or corporate branding. If you want to be sure your knives don’t go missing in the kitchen then there is nothing quite like having your name engraved on the handle or blade as a sign of ownership.

20 Piece Classic Set (Side Apart)Flint and Flame are firm believers that top chefs don’t just cook, they create, and every master creator needs the best tools available to deliver the finest possible results and Flint and Flame knives offer just that.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some top chefs say:

“I can’t live without my knives from Flint & Flame, which are great in a home and a professional kitchen too. I like the small utility and vegetable knives for everyday use, and the range also has a set of beautiful steak knives, which has real wow factor when I entertain.”
Monica Galetti
Judge on BBC’s Masterchef: The Professionals

“As a professional chef, knives are the cornerstone of my working life. They are more than just a tool, they are at the heart of what we do. The alchemy of turning raw ingredients into wonderful dishes.

5 Piece Gourmet Knife Set with Wooden Gift BoxA great chef knife should fit the hand like a glove and be an extension of the arm. Flint & Flame’s  Knife range tick all the boxes for me and I’m happy to recommend them.”
Mike Robinson
Chef and owner of The Michelin starred Harwood Arms in Fulham and the beautiful Pot Kiln in Berkshire

“Not only are flint and flame knives beautifully made but they are a joy to use. Perfectly balanced, comfortable to hold and durable blades.

Whether it’s my folding pocket knife for foraging or my everyday chef knife, not a day goes by without me reaching for my much loved and well used flint and flame knives….”
Freddy Bird
Executive Chef The Lido, Bristol and presenter on Channel 4’s Hidden Restaurants.

2 Piece Carving Set“Long have I looked for some fine knives that well designed and easy to sharpen. Not just that but also value for money and lovely looking. At last I have found them.

For me these knives have become another kind of reliable kitchen staff and it gives me great pleasure to be working with Flint & Flame.”
Valentine Warner
Chef, Author and Broadcaster

“Flint & Flame are certainly rivalling other knife makers. Knives are about balance and weight and durability and these boys are going to last me a lifetime.”
Mark Hix
Chef and Restaurateur

3 Piece Chef Set“Flint & Flame produce some of the best knives that I have had the fortune to use both professionally and in my personal kitchen. Their unique styling and high quality steel reflects the impeccable standards that I insist on in my Novelli Academy, backed up by a life-time guarantee. What more can you ask for?”
Jean-Christophe Novelli
Michelin and 5AA Award Winning French Chef

“Every cook and chef needs the right tools for the job – with precision, accuracy and quality of paramount importance. The Flint & Flame range delivers this on every level, with stylish and beautifully crafted knives.

Flint & Flame knives are a must for chefs and aspiring cooks alike. They are a pleasure to use and will last you a lifetime, so look no further for your ideal knife because you will find it at Flint & Flame.

Flint and Flame knives are sharp as a razor and are as beautiful as a work of art.”
Jose Souto
Chef Lecturer in Culinary Arts, Westminster Kingsway College

5 Piece Set in Gift Box with Avocado & Veg Lifestyle“As a pastry chef I pride myself on working with the finest ingredients and the best equipment. Flint and Flame knives tick all of the boxes – they are beautifully designed and are long-lasting and ‘hard-working’ knives!”
Eric Lanlard
Master Patissier