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Food photographer Jean-Philippe Baudey originally hails from the South West of France. He trained as a chef at the famous LTH of Toulouse. Food photography was his hobby, which quickly become an obsession, leading him to now spending less time in the kitchen and more time capturing food as a fascinating and beautiful subject on camera.

Professional cookery and Photography work well together and have been the two main driving forces that have led Jean-Philippe to explore his own epicurean curiosity, making it a way of life for him.

As much the photography brought much-improved presentation and increased attention to detail to his own cooking, the deep knowledge of the food industry that he acquired over the years, equally enhanced his photographic ability.

Jean-Philippe fully-understands food as a subject so can wholly-understand individual client requirements and technical complexities.

A few years ago, Jean-Philippe created Faydit Photography, a full service photographic business, specialising in commercial photography and graphic design for the food, catering industry.

As a creative medium, photography can be approached in a plethora of different ways and Jean-Philippe will choose the best methods to suit your business, to showcase it in its best light.

Jean-Philippe places emphasis on using natural light, enabling him to give an organic feel to his photography.

Please visit www.fayditphotography.com to see some examples of Jean-Philippe’s work.

Jean-Philippe shares the same values as all food professionals in terms of passion; not only for food but with customer satisfaction as being of the utmost importance.

To book a no obligation consultation with Jean-Philippe to discuss your vision are and how his camera and culinary insight can best capture your business, call today on 07577 998566.