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We are the Dorset Sea Salt company, a brand new start up company, supported by the Princes Trust. Like you, we care about where our food comes from.

We hand harvest our sea salt from Britain’s purest waters along the Jurassic coastline. This renders our sea salt the cleanest, purest, and freshest sea salt on the market, offering a distinct taste of Dorset.

We love Dorset, and the spectacular coastline it provides. Due to the world famous and unique geology of the Jurassic coast, our sea salt possesses a distinct mineral profile. Rich with vital minerals, our sea salt is a healthy alternative to table salt which is laden with additives and anti-caking agents.

Dorset Sea SaltOur sea salt flakes pack a punch! Because we retain the unique mineral composition of the Jurassic Coast in our sea salt, we recommend using 30% less than normal, and then work up to your taste.

We aim to revive the age-old tradition of sea salt production on our Jurassic shores. Every small batch harvested is part of the wider mission grounded in craftsmanship, locality, and quality.