Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm combi steamer knows how our pioneering products inspire better food preparation. “Your meal. Our mission.“ is our philosophy born out of our passion and commitment to provide the best combi steamer solution that answer the varied needs of our customers.

Passion is behind every Convotherm combi steamer: passion for excellence, for creativity, for practical partnership – and for making our customers more successful each and every day.

Convotherm 4

The new aesthetic design means that Convotherm 4 is also ideal for front-of-house cooking. Our principle of “form follows function” is reflected in a clarity of design that also sets new standards in intuitive controls and serviceability.Uploaded by ha53287

convotherm-mini-face-liftMini Series

Maximum performance in minimum space

The combi steamers in the mini series are perfect kitchen all-rounders that you can use for roasting, grilling, steaming, au gratin cooking, convenience deep-frying, baking and regenerating. With a width of only 51.5 cm, they fit in any kitchen.