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Founded by James Fisher in 2001, Clifton Coffee Company began it’s life servicing espresso machinery to the independent businesses of Bristol. As the reputation for service grew, so did the demand for supply of coffee and equipment. Just a couple of years later, and joined by Ed Buston, Clifton Coffee began wholesaling roasted coffee to the local area. This was backed up with the relatively rare (at the time) ‘barista training’ to offer support and quality assurance to the company customers.

Fast forward to 2013 and, confident in the obvious growth and interest witnessed across the UK coffee industry, Clifton Coffee invested in their own in house roastery with the sole focus on the sourcing, roaClifton Coffee pickingsting and supply of the worlds finest speciality coffees. This is coupled with full engineering support and a powerful program of coffee education delivered at the Uk’s busiest SCA training centre located on premises. This approach has cemented the company at the forefront of the British speciality coffee industry, pairing with leading retailers from independent coffee shops to Michelin starred restaurants and five star hotels nationwide to shine a light on the breadth of possibility when coffee is truly taken seriously as a culinary product.

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