Brindisa – Spanish Foods

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Founded by Monika Linton in 1998, Brindisa Spanish Foods have been working with artisan producers for nearly 30 years, carefully sourcing fine Spanish food for the UK market.

At the heart of their range they offer a selection of outstanding hams, cheeses and accompaniments, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, traditional biscuits and cakes, award winning tinned fish, and some exceptional estate olive oils and vinegar.

Their selection is available at Brindisa’s shops at Borough Market and Brixton and online at Brindisa Spanish Foods also supply a range of top restaurants, delis and food halls across the UK, including their five tapas restaurants in London.

Brindisa picnic for siteBrindisa imports hundreds of products from Spain’s finest suppliers, where the provenance and quality of the food is key. Having always worked closely with their ‘family’ of suppliers, Brindisa continues to enjoy several relationships that are as old as the company itself. As the company has grown, they have continued to expand their range of farmers, cheesemakers, fishermen and specialists in order to offer customers an enticing variety of authentic Spanish foods that are the very best in their class.

Brindisa Chef's selectionBrindisa’s objective is simple; to provide unbeatable Spanish food to the UK market with something to satisfy all lovers of Spanish gastronomy.